Creating a Work-Life Balance

Since recently sharing the Redwing NLP Mission with you, it has led me to start thinking a lot about the importance of a healthy work-life balance. Giving yourself the freedom to share your time between the things you want to do, to the things you need to do and being in charge of making that

The Firestarter

We had just collected all of the sticks and sorted them into 5 separate piles depending on their size and created a pyramid like structure ready for lighting. All the other fire lighting equipment was on the side too including spare newspaper, a secret stash of matches and vaseline to cover the cotton wool in

Cause & Effect

About a month ago I was listening to a podcast with a man called Bruce Lipton on it. He is a developmental biologist who has done a lot of work into the concept that your genes and DNA can be changed depending on that person’s beliefs. He was discussing ‘how thoughts shape your current reality’

The Lake inside a Volcano inside a Lake

She had the plan firmly rooted in her mind. She knew what to do and how to get there. It was going to be great! It was her first opportunity to really branch out on her own. No friends or family to hold her hand this time. She was going to the lake inside a

3 Learnings about Motivation

Motivation is the key to what we do and why we do it. If you aren’t motivated, then you aren’t going to do it. Money, love, security, purpose, freedom, achievement, connection, happiness, these are just a few elements that could motivate some of us. Let’s just pin down exactly what I mean by motivation. I

A Light in the Darkness

There is something quite humbling when you’re sitting on the side of a mountain in the back end of nowhere. With the wind battering the side of your tent, in the darkness. The rain, lashing down, unrelenting. The stove at your feet with what rations you have bubbling away on top as you change into

Communication Without Barriers: Part 2

In last week’s blog Communication Without Barriers: Part 1, we discussed the ups and downs of language barriers when you’re travelling. In part 2 this week, I wanted to look at how important it is to expect the unexpected in every communication you experience. Every experience we go through is different and I guess that’s

Breaking more than Barriers

I remember having this feeling before. It was an overwhelming sense of excitement, nervousness and anxiety. But now these feelings returned with the same highest intention of pursuing my goals. It was a clear reminder of all this energy, the mixed emotions and an intense desire I had to commit to something, to me. I

Communication Without Barriers: Part 1

Many of us see a communication problem and have no idea how to deal with it. So often we turn around and walk the other way. This is often just because that’s the way we’re built as humans. We see something we don’t like; we don’t know how to fix it and so it’s just

The Power in being Still

Our world is anything but still; it has a constant flow of energy and movement. We see this everyday, this energy that is our oxygen; it’s in our work, our friends, our family and the constantly changing, complex and demanding world we are making our way through. I don’t know about you, but I think