How to Release your Fear

At some point in your life I imagine that fear has played a part – it might have shown up in your childhood, existing as the face of a scary clown or in your youth, during school exams or final flute recitals. But as you think back and realise how your very own concept of

NLP Communication Model

If you don’t already know about the NLP Communication Model then you are about to learn a powerful tool that’s going to enable you to understand communication on a whole new level by: Understanding how you communicate. Understanding how others communicate. Seeing how changing your approach can get you better results. Imagine being able to

Don’t Fool Me Once

It was time to say goodbye. She had a long journey back to the mainland, back to the bus and back to the hostel… before setting off on an overnight boat crossing to another island on the west coast. She began the descent… down through the sandy dirt track, the bare trees and back down