The Art of Effective Management

|| Note: We did write this post on July 21st – but had a bit of a busy week, so late update… enjoy! || Over the last 2 days Katie and I have been wrapping up on the NLP Business Diploma. In the latter 2 days of this course the techniques that have been covered

Business and NLP

Recently both Katie and I have been coaching at an NLP Business Diploma in London. At the time that I’m writing this article the course is at its half way point and things are definitely heating up! As the delegates start to realise how they can utilise these skills in their everyday home, work and

Come Back from Your Setbacks

We all encounter setbacks at some point in our life. If you’re like most people, then you’ll probably have encountered and I expect in one way or another, (whether you’ve realised it or not) overcome a few so far. Naturally, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be expecting some more hurdles too, because that’s the