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About Redwing

At Redwing NLP our priority is to get you results. Our focus is on personal and professional transformation through our bespoke training and coaching for people who don’t want to settle for less.

We specialise in working with people that know that change needs to happen now for them to achieve their ambitions. Whether it is improving their health, working towards career and business goals or their own personal development, we make sure your map is pointing in the direction you want to go and tear down any walls that are in the way.

We provided a variety of coaching packages for those who are committed to getting results for themselves, such as online coaching, breakthrough sessions and our Take Flight Package. Our bespoke training, workshops and courses are for those who want to up skill themselves and expand their toolbox of resources.

The Redwing Team

At Redwing NLP you will be working with Master Practitioners of NLP, TimeLine Therapy™ and Hypnosis. We have used NLP in business, sales, education, health, fitness, mentoring, sports, outdoor education, personal development and coaching environments.

We are very passionate about creating winning mindsets that allow rapid and permanent change to occur in people’s lives. We have seen both in ourselves and in others the benefits of the skills that we use and are continually looking for hacks to evolve our coaching and courses to maintain our high standard.

Our mission is to take you to the next level, whether that is through our coaching or training packages. We focus on approaching each project with a perspective which will best serve our clients' needs. This creates a personal experience for our clients so maximum value and growth can take place during their experience with us.

'One of the hardest things for someone in business to do is set their ultimate intention and go after it with unwavering and relentless certainty over a prolonged period of time. Once they set off on that path they must fix their sights on the ultimate goal and take actionable steps that take them closer to achieving it.’


  • Outdoor Leadership BA (Hons)
  • Certified Master NLP Practitioner (ABNLP)
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Hypnosis (ABH)
  • Certified Master Practitioner of TimeLine Therapy
  • Certified Master NLP Coach
  • PGcert Counselling

Ben started his career working with several small businesses, to deliver outdoor education and 1-2-1 intervention programmes to young people in crisis. Through his experience he has observed what it takes to create a safe space where positive change can grow for these young people.

From the education arena Ben turned his focus to creating his own programmes that would be able to empower those who wanted more. He founded Redwing NLP with Katie as a platform from which they launch their coaching programmes and bespoke training. With Redwing NLP Ben has been able to reach more people and has delivered programmes to the health and fitness, business, social care and education sectors.

Ben’s mission is to create a high quality training and coaching business that allows individuals to take themselves to the next level. Whether that is working on themselves personally or learning new skills through Redwing NLP’s training programmes.

redwing nlp, bespoke, training, katie birks, business, entrepreneur, coaching
redwing nlp, bespoke, training, ben megson, business, workshop, coaching


  • Certified Master NLP Practitioner (ABNLP)
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Hypnosis (ABH)
  • Certified Master Practitioner of TimeLine Therapy™
  • Certified Master NLP Coach

Sharing the mission of Redwing NLP is highly rewarding for Katie, facilitating individuals with the opportunity to realise their full potential and smash through the barriers holding them back.

Katie has a creative background in media production, account management and photography. She believes that a healthy life experience includes more than growing a career and is very passionate about travel. Having lived, worked and experienced cultures all around the globe, she has more than a lifetime of stories to share. Katie brings what she has learnt into Redwing NLP and from those experiences aims to inspire her clients to actuate change in their own lives.