Anchor Yourself to the Zone

The strength of the mind is a powerful thing. It allows you to channel your focus, your goals and your confidence in achieving them. Our mind gives us the knowledge to empower ourselves, whether that is for one single skill or ability, a long-term business goal or for self-development and accomplishing our personal endeavours in life.

In our own way, we each have different moods, triggers and states of mind. Some of these will be extremely helpful and can guide us through the most complex of paths, others not so much. Perhaps you struggle moving from thinking you should do something to actively doing it. It may be as small as going food shopping to the recurring dread of going to the gym. Maybe you secretly enjoy the benefits of one of your colleagues taking the pressure off your workload when it gets a bit too much. This seems great initially but in the long run you are going to be hindering your chances of achieving your goals. In that briefest of moments you can lose your focus on gaining that next promotion or bonus that was in your sights. Then you start building yourself up to get re-motivated and work towards your goal again.

– How will you feel when you get there? –

Our lapse in focus and attention to our goals and future is our mind creating unconscious crises of self-destructive thinking, before we even give ourselves the chance to succeed. So how would it be to stop yourself from losing that focus, that knowledge or power you already have? How much time could you save on moving forwards rather than continuously chasing your own tail after a bad day?

So, instead of lingering on these negative states, why don’t you replace them with a positive frame of mind – a positive state that can be triggered instantly, from the touch of a knuckle, standing a certain way or listening to a specific piece of music.

Let’s look at this another way. Take the recent Six Nations Rugby for example: England’s kicker, Owen Farrell doesn’t just jump the gun every time he wants to make a kick and neither does Wales’ kicker Dan Biggar. To make those kicks, they are accessing a previously determined and precise routine, triggering their desired state for the kick through the NLP technique of Anchoring.

These are creative, unique and effective anchors that put these players straight into a peak level of performance. Such as, the precise posture, stance and composure just like Johnny Wilkinson. After the kick has been achieved they build on this state, like linking the forefingers together as Farrell does. The overall effect is that they create a massively powerful and trance like focus to perform at their optimum. On his pre-kick, Wilkinson said in an article from the Guardian:

“focusing from the inside… is a way of channelling my power and energy from my core… to get that explosive power.”

By firing his anchor, he gets into the right state and his body follows. The best part of accessing this positive state of mind is that it’s already a part of you; you are accessing a resourceful state that already exists within you. This state is linked to a mental part of you and a physical part of you that works together.

We can take something as simple as wanting motivation, an instant feeling of motivation instead of the limiting state of something like procrastination. Imagine the possibilities, that by just the touch of a knuckle, that old state of procrastination becomes the new and empowering state of motivation. This is based on triggering your own strong, focused and empowering state that you have built for yourself. By building on these positive states you make them really powerful each time you add to it. So much that the old, limiting state is replaced by your behavioural response to that new, exciting and motivating state.

In business, education, therapy, sports, personal development, in fact in any context of your life, you can always be looking to build on your performance. Whether that is to hit a specific target or pursue a dream, you only have a single lifetime to make it happen, so why put it off? Work out what is stopping you from living by your passions and fulfilling your deepest wishes by unleashing those restrictions. Realise the problems, the distractions you have created and eradicate them.

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