What did you think running a business was going to be like anyway?

‘I run my own business.’ ‘I’m an entrepreneur.’ ‘I work for myself.’ It’s great to be able to say these things, right?! It seems sexy and sleek to others when they hear that you work for yourself. It means you’re successful because you don’t have someone else telling you what to do. You call the

The Role of the Self-employed and Entrepreneurs in the Future

We are living in a world where more and more people are becoming self-employed and I believe that this trend is going to go upwards. I think that in the future the majority of the work force in the UK will be self-employed and businesses will contract in freelance staff for particular projects or outsource.

Why We Should Be Mentally Fit

What effect does exercise have on our state of mind? How does it improve our way of lifestyle to give us the ability to create a more rounded life? How does exercise ground us and allow us to come out of that rut we are in? I believe that exercise is so critical not only

What’s Stopping You From Having Your Dream Body?

Well, this is a monumental question right?! There are a lot of familiar answers to this question that come up! ‘My diet isn’t right.’ ‘I just can’t motivate myself.’ ‘I’m doing the wrong exercise.’ ‘I enjoy wine/beer too much.’ ‘It’s a lot of work’ ‘I don’t want people to judge me.’ I believe that the

Business Identity Vs Personal Identity

I believe that those of us who are self-employed have more of a rawness to our businesses and our identity within our business. When someone sets up a company or becomes a sole trader they are putting a part of themselves into that business. Their ethics and values on how a business should be run,

Living Up To Your Own Expectations & The Inner Battle

I’ve talked a lot about our inner battles and how our relationship that we have with ourselves is ultimately the most important relationship in our lifetime. We can’t escape from ourselves, we have to live with who we are, whether we are happy with that or not. When I talk to clients it always comes

How Different Types of Motivation Gets Stuff Done

An area that I have a deep passion for is motivation. Not so much for the ‘motivational’ content that’s out there on the internet but the mechanics of why people are motivated to reach certain goals and do particular behaviours. Without motivation we would not do anything, we wouldn’t eat, move, love or have a