Be Your Own Change

There’s a lot of pressure out there in the world to be the best at everything, I don’t think there’s anyone who actually covers it all though. In fact, anyone who looks like they’ve got it all down is probably hiding behind their social media account. Remember the saying… it’s what’s on the inside that counts? That’s right – and that’s not far off either.

What goes on inside of our heads is what can take us into the lead. It’s what can drive us to act as a success, once you’re there mentally; you’re there physically too. Be the success by being the change in yourself. Ask yourself everyday: Am I climbing towards my goal? Am I reaching my potential? Stop being someone else and be present for you, because no one else is going to be.

Stop pressing the shortcut button and feel comfortable in your own version of the world. See it through your eyes and not someone else’s.

Okay, so why on earth would you want to go to all that effort when there’s someone being successful right in front of you? They changed themselves and they look great! Hmm, can’t you just copy what they do and bingo… you’re a millionaire? Well, essentially yes you could, and that could work out great. Start modelling their habits, their behaviours and patterns. How they do these things and how they might think about them in the context of their success. You are almost working out the secret to becoming them. You could be a great success if you get it perfect. So would that success be yours? Would it totally and completely give you everything that you ever wanted? Will their success make you happy and true to yourself?

The difference is that however much you drive to be someone else, there will always be that part of you within you that is totally you. So how about we borrow a few tools from your mate the millionaire and see what worked for him? He’s probably got some great tools, maybe try a couple on and see what feels good. Then take a step back and look at yourself for a moment, as you are now. You may realize that you already had those tools, hidden away in a toolbox you forgot even existed. But you have them now, don’t you?

What could your life be like if you simply took a step back from trying to be someone else or achieve someone else’s achievements?

What if you could start becoming yourself on your own, without judgment, simply accepting you.

Wouldn’t you like to step onto your own path for success, thanking the footsteps you’re taking right now? You can do this without changing what you do in your day-to-day life. If you change your mindset, you change your future.

Intrigued? Read on…

It’s great to be able to follow others, be led, learn and watch true masters evolve in our society. However, this doesn’t mean that their journey, their path or their methods will work in the same way for your success. In fact they are likely not to. Your success can be simply mastered first and foremost by respecting your own model of the world – but also by respecting that another person’s vision is their model of their world and not necessarily the answer to your problems. If you can learn the basic rule to trust your own vision, then you’ll find you’re only left with the raw, natural and beautiful parts. They will be uncertain and unchallenged but they are the foundation for being responsible for your own change, creating your future from your present, not your past. From this you can build on yourself to achieve whatever your goals are, simply, trust the process.

Trust the Process.

There’s something more to understanding another person’s success – that person has their own dreams, their own goals and in essence their own failures. Those failures are not yours but they will have facilitated in some way to the success that person has achieved. Remember, your failures aren’t failures, they are every bit as important to you in order for you to get your goal. These are the lessons and now you’ve learnt from them, you know how not to do it and you can do it differently next time.

We each represent and see the world from our own unique and individual experiences. We code things differently, neurologically, in our minds, our states and our behaviours. We engage with one another based on our own understandings of the world.

There’s no time limit on your future if you use your present state to create it. By living from the past you are living in the past. Our past does not make our future. By being present in your life today and not living from past decisions or emotions, you are giving yourself the opportunity for change. Your goals are the driving force, to change the way you think – create positivity and possibility in any and every aspect of your life.

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