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“NLP has helped me begin to climb at the level I have dreamt of climbing at for years.”

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I caught up with Tom recently to see how his climbing had been doing since we had our climbing coaching session and he said that it has surpassed all of his expectations! Initially we focused on Tom’s head game when he was climbing indoors at a bouldering wall and we boosted Tom’s climbing grade from V2- V6 in one evening. Check out our Anchor in Dynamic Action post for more on how we achieved this breakthrough!

When I talked to Tom recently he said that he found he was more confident not just bouldering but in his trad climbing too. He found that he is able to lead climb VS (4c) when before he was climbing VDiff and a handful of severes. I’m ecstatic that Tom has been able to apply his learnings from the original anchor and move it to other areas of his climbing. He was kind enough to write about his experience of how NLP has shaped his climbing potential.

 “NLP has helped me begin to climb at the level I have dreamt of climbing at for years.  

Building on Climbing Foundations Tom

Tom after climbing Students Route at Middle Tier, Glen Croe.

I have been climbing for just over seven years now but have always found that my head game has been getting in the way and is stopping me climbing at the level I want to climb at. The level at which the climbers I have read about, watched and idolised seem to climb at with such ease. When I started climbing I had an issue with heights.  Over time, though exposer and the use of a psychological training program I have been able to slowly move from bottom roping to leading indoors and recently leading outdoors. Yet I have been annoyed at the slow pace of my progress and my inability to overcome my own doubt in my ability to climb a route, especially when they are big routes and I’m leading.

Recently I have done so work with Ben on my spelling using NLP techniques and have seen remarkable improvements and so I asked him whether he could help me with my head game for climbing. He agreed, and yet again I am seeing the benefits of the work he had done with me.

I have managed to push my bouldering grade from V2 to V6 through the use of anchoring. As a result of Ben’s belief change work with me, I have seen my confidence improve substantially when faced with climbing big routes. I recently climbed my first VS 4c route, when before I had struggled to lead routes graded severe. I’ve also followed a friend up three hard multi pitch climbs without becoming panicked or worried beforehand or during and now feel confident enough to look at lead climbing multi pitch routes myself. This is something I had though would take me years to build the confidence to do.

 All of this within just two weeks of conducting the belief change and setting up the anchor.

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