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On this page you’ll find links to some of our core business packages. All courses are customisable and the content is flexible to meet your goals. When you book your free consultation, we’ll start by asking a few questions about what you want to get out of the training and how you expect the training to benefit your business. Once we’re both happy how Redwing can provide value to the progression of your business we will draw up a training programme and send it over to you.


Take the right steps towards your goals.

Make sure your team echoes what needs to be achieved in their work.

Align your vision for your business.

Prioritise actions to make the most of your time.

Create real, meaningful relationships to benefit all parties.

Gain the ability to tap into how individuals communicate in different ways and why.

Perform reflective processes that allow you to see how others depict your business.

Align others/employees to the same common goal to propel your vision forwards.

Inspire and motivate others to work towards a shared goal.

Find what drives you and how to share you mission with like-minded people.

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