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Recently both Katie and I have been coaching at an NLP Business Diploma in London. At the time that I’m writing this article the course is at its half way point and things are definitely heating up!

As the delegates start to realise how they can utilise these skills in their everyday home, work and business lives, their curiosity goes through the roof. As well as learning some skills that they can take away with them they are also learning about themselves and how they can work with themselves to break through the barriers in business that they were struggling with before.

So just what is it about these courses and trainings that causes such a change in the individual’s mentality and approach to business?

They Are Learning How to Really Communicate

So many of us think we know how to communicate with people. I mean, we talk to friends and family, message colleagues and even present and pitch ideas to our bosses and line managers. But do we really know what message we’re putting out there?

We’re so focused on the message making sense to us that we often don’t stand back and think if it resonates with the person on the other side of the equation (the person for which the whole communication is intended for). If they don’t understand what we mean, then who’s responsible for any muddled communication? Is it the person we’re communicating with or is it us, the person who didn’t take the consideration to see if they would understand the WAY in which we’re were presenting, messaging and talking?

Of course, it’s us. We should be taking the time to craft our communication to suit whoever we want to understand our message. When we do this people ‘click’ together and work becomes effortless.

Over the last 2 days this is what the delegates on the course have been doing. Learning how the mind works, how each of us processes information differently and applying that knowledge to get powerful interactions.

Goal Setting

Another tool that the delegates have been utilising is the power of a written goal. How by focusing on an outcome in such a way that it becomes totally compelling and seemingly inevitable.

This is a specific way of taking a goal, conditioning it, getting all the kinks out of it, putting time frames on it and installing it into your future as a milestone that you’re working towards. As the delegates undergo this process and learn the ins and outs of it they are layering their techniques and producing a goal that is very desirable to them.

Going one step further than that they can now help others to create their own goals! They can show others how they can produce fantastic results and utilise their resources to create a future that they have always wanted. For me this has been my favourite part of the training so far as I’ve had the opportunity to help others refine their targets, condense them down and start actuating them!

Building Win-Win Situations

Creating win-win situations sounds easy right? However quite a lot of the time people struggle in being to be flexible to make that win-win possible.

Flexibility is absolutely key to making sure people come out with a win-win scenario. If you are trying to sell product X for example and your client wants product Y. If you have the ability to make product Y happen and it gives them more value (or an alternative product, product Z that has elements of product Y in it) then work to make that happen! It sounds simple but so many people focus so much on one aspect that they don’t listen to what the other person is saying and push the wrong information/product/ service.

By concentrating on value and how you can offer the most amount of value to your clients/team/partner it makes the whole process of communicating so much easier! Give people value. Build that win-win scenario and create a symbiotic, mutually beneficial exchange.

It’s been an incredible journey so far seeing how the delegates on this course have found they can use these as well as a whole host of other techniques and mind-sets to achieve amazing results for themselves and others. I look forward to next week and part 2 of the training where we build on the solid foundations that have been laid down to bring more value into their professional lives.

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