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‘Active communication’ is a way in which we intentionally interact with people. Communicating actively on a daily basis can provide a way of becoming more aware about the meaning of what you are saying to others and what it means to them.

In its simplest form this is a way to reverse engineer your interactions with people so that you get consistent win-win results for everyone involved. When you go into a conversation with someone with win-win results in mind then the way you approach that conversation changes.

We show you a host of areas that you can look at and implement to reverse engineer your interactions and give clarity on what is actually going on when you communicate with other people.

You communicate constantly and it’s time you really know what you’re saying.

This is a must for businesses and entrepreneurs to be aware of how what they are saying (and not saying) is coming across. Use this technique across the board at networking events, business meetings, when closing sales, meeting a venture capitalist, hiring staff, discussions with co-founders/directors, outsourcing services, winning new leads, during staff meetings, appraisals, presentations, and the list goes on and on.

- Stop mind-reading what people might be thinking and get to the facts of what they're saying

- Increase your awareness of how what you say and do is being perceived by others

- Reverse engineer interactions to build win-win relationships

- Talk directly to another person's model of the world

Our step-by-step process allows you to build on what you already know about communication and how to use your understanding of it to create more purposeful and deeper relationships.

By deepening your knowledge base and implementing these areas in your business life you are going to be strengthening your position to take action. By connecting with others and talking to them in such a way that speaks to them on multiple levels, you are going to be able to say things that resonate with them much more.

Active Communication, Redwing NLP, Bespoke, training, coaching, business, entrepreneur, coach


Create deep, meaningful relationships to benefit both parties.

The ability to be able to tap into how individuals communicate in different ways and why.

Perform reflective processes that allow you to see how others depict your business.

Be able to put forward your ideas in a way that reduces resistance and increases understanding.