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If you were asked to think of a great leader, I’m sure you wouldn’t have to think long until someone popped into your head. It might be a boss, CEO, thought leader, peer, friend, family member, historical figure or even a fictional character.

When you think of that person who emulates a great leader, what is it that makes them great? Is it how they make you feel? What they say? How they look? Maybe you can’t quite figure out exactly what it is that draws you to them.

‘Leaders aren’t born, they are made’ - Vince Lombardi

Throughout history there have been great leaders that have come from every end of the spectrum. Through looking at their life work, characteristics and styles we can take the essence of them and distil the ability to motivate, relate and communicate with others. When we look at leadership for what it is, it’s exactly that. Being able to speak to what is important to another person. Being passionate and congruent in what you’re driving towards.

We have collated a set of ‘rules’ that can be taught and followed to improve the ability to lead, motivate, inspire and align others to your model of the world. Within these rules we capture the fundamentals of leadership by focusing on these areas:

- How people process information and interact with the world

- Take learnings from leaders throughout history and decipher how they led

- Create a clear vision of where you are going and what you are aspiring to

- Understand others and speak directly to how they think and process information

We give you a solid understanding of how these factors operate in your life.  By showing you how these factors affect the performance of your business and work life, we open up an alternative path of communication that engages and focuses individuals towards a common goal.

By listening to what people are really saying and finding a way to tune into their way of thinking, you will find that what you are saying to people, really resonates with how they perceive the world. Through looking at these fundamental areas and focusing on the clear rules that we've produced, the way to becoming a great leader becomes inevitable.

Inspiring Results, Redwing NLP, Bespoke, training, coaching, business, entrepreneurs


  • Align others and employees to the same common goal to propel your vision forwards

  • Inspire and motivate others to give to a shared goal

  • Find what drives you and how to share you mission with like-minded people

  • Find out what motivates others and what drives them

  • Gain knowledge from world class leaders and how they transform their businesses and employees and apply it to your own business

Inspiring Results, Redwing NLP, Bespoke, training, coaching, business, entrepreneurs