The Art of Effective Management

|| Note: We did write this post on July 21st – but had a bit of a busy week, so late update… enjoy! || Over the last 2 days Katie and I have been wrapping up on the NLP Business Diploma. In the latter 2 days of this course the techniques that have been covered

Business and NLP

Recently both Katie and I have been coaching at an NLP Business Diploma in London. At the time that I’m writing this article the course is at its half way point and things are definitely heating up! As the delegates start to realise how they can utilise these skills in their everyday home, work and

NLP Communication Model

If you don’t already know about the NLP Communication Model then you are about to learn a powerful tool that’s going to enable you to understand communication on a whole new level by: Understanding how you communicate. Understanding how others communicate. Seeing how changing your approach can get you better results. Imagine being able to

Creating a Work-Life Balance

Since recently sharing the Redwing NLP Mission with you, it has led me to start thinking a lot about the importance of a healthy work-life balance. Giving yourself the freedom to share your time between the things you want to do, to the things you need to do and being in charge of making that

3 Learnings about Motivation

Motivation is the key to what we do and why we do it. If you aren’t motivated, then you aren’t going to do it. Money, love, security, purpose, freedom, achievement, connection, happiness, these are just a few elements that could motivate some of us. Let’s just pin down exactly what I mean by motivation. I

Communication Without Barriers: Part 2

In last week’s blog Communication Without Barriers: Part 1, we discussed the ups and downs of language barriers when you’re travelling. In part 2 this week, I wanted to look at how important it is to expect the unexpected in every communication you experience. Every experience we go through is different and I guess that’s

Communication Without Barriers: Part 1

Many of us see a communication problem and have no idea how to deal with it. So often we turn around and walk the other way. This is often just because that’s the way we’re built as humans. We see something we don’t like; we don’t know how to fix it and so it’s just

On a Knife Edge

‘Put the knife down!’ I heard from the other end of the building. My student had gone walk about and found some new toys to play with. I hurry along the corridor to find him. As I approach the kitchen I slow down and casually walk around the corner to see him playing with a

How to get your edge – Part 2

In this article we’re following on from my blog post on How to get your Edge – Part 1 and taking a closer look at how you can utilise more of your edge in your business and career. Part 1 focused more on identifying the big picture areas of your edge and now we’re going