Cause & Effect

About a month ago I was listening to a podcast with a man called Bruce Lipton on it. He is a developmental biologist who has done a lot of work into the concept that your genes and DNA can be changed depending on that person’s beliefs.

He was discussing ‘how thoughts shape your current reality’ in which he was explaining how our beliefs form a lot of what happens to us physically. In particular, our physical well-being and whether our genetics are really a factor in what diseases we have a predisposition to (listen to the podcast at the bottom of this post). He talked about how we are victims of our lifestyle, how we allow our beliefs to suppress our potential and that got me thinking about cause and effect.

Cause and effect is a concept that someone is either at cause for their life and their choices, or they react to what’s happening around them and the effects of that. People that are living at the cause side of life accept the responsibility that they have for themselves and their actions, where they are now and the responsibility they have for changing themselves. It’s not anyone else’s responsibility, its theirs, no one else’s. People living at the effect side of life, place responsibility outside of themselves and react to others and external stimuli. ‘My friend made me do it’, is an example of the effect side of the equation. Blame has been placed outside of this person and onto their friend as the cause.

The thing is, everyone does it. The problem is when you are thinking of doing something that is out of your comfort zone or life changing, are you on the cause or effect side as you set out on that journey?

Say you’re looking to change career into an area that you’ve always thought of doing and you’re doing it next Monday. It gets to Sunday evening and suddenly you think ‘oh, I can’t do it because my partner won’t support me’. You are on the effect side of life here. By reacting to someone not supporting you, you are putting off your dream and not fulfilling what you want to do. You are reacting to something outside of yourself and blaming that for you not doing what you want to do!

You are essentially playing the victim of your own reality and not getting anywhere you want to go. The long and short of it is that you are putting obstacles in the way of your own dream and YOU are stopping yourself from getting where you should be going.

By being at the cause side of life and taking responsibility for your own change you are in the driver’s seat 100%! It’s down to your attitude and how you play the hand that you are dealt. If you push yourself to the effect side of the equation and wallow in feeling sorry for yourself and how all these bad things have happened to you then you will never get anywhere. I’m not saying bad things have or haven’t happened to you. I’m saying that if you let them control your life and you put blame on them for why you aren’t where you want to be, then you will not be at cause for your choices and therefore your results.

I implore you to take it upon yourself to be responsible for your own change. When you are on the cause side of life you are in control of your future and even if you make a few wrong turns you are the one in charge. You don’t place blame on others for your choices or how you feel.

It’s all down to you.

Maybe you’re reading this thinking you don’t know how to move from cause to effect? On our NLP Diploma and NLP Practitioner courses we look at how we can move ourselves and clients to the cause side of the equation.

Alternatively, Redwing NLP offers bespoke, personal coaching to our clients to show you how to arm yourself with the mind-set to go out and make your dreams happen!

So are you on the cause or effect side of life? Are you actively doing things for yourself? Or are you placing blame on others for things that you have or haven’t done?

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