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A breakthrough session is where we look at all the aspects of your life and unlock each part of it so it is balanced for you to fulfil your ambitions. Having a balanced, congruent lifestyle that allows you to be able to perform at your best and achieve your goals is what we’re all about. Having that balance in your work and your personal life is what allows you to recharge and maintain your poise.

How does it work?

At Redwing NLP we use our breakthrough sessions to give you that poise and vigour that you need to live your life to its absolute fullest, and more importantly, how to maintain it. On the build up to your breakthrough session you will be working with your coach in regular sessions. For a month beforehand you’ll be mapping out where you want to be and where you are now so when you arrive for your breakthrough session you get the best results you can. After the breakthrough session will be a month of following up on any actions that you need to take to cement in place your new perspective of success.

Breakthrough sessions are for those people who are 100% committed to achieving their goals. It is a process that will transform your thinking and open a new way of thinking to allow you to achieve your ambitions.

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