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Building Your Business Edge

Building Your Business Edge is a workshop aimed at looking how we can communicate better with our prospects and client base. We all think we are selling what our prospects need, but what if by a conversation with them we could know exactly what they want from our business? Better yet, what if we could know why they wanted our product/service and why they were attracted to our business? When we know people motivation behind what they do then we can tailor our approach to make sure we are speaking their language. In the Building Your Business Edge workshop we’re going to be doing just that.

The Building Your Business Edge workshop is a 4 hour workshop that is focused on refining how we approach prospects and our client base so we can communicate our products/ services better to our audience. We’ll be looking at how people communicate on a daily basis, what drives them to buy and what we can do to connect our business to them better.

What we cover:trainers, testimonials, workshop, business edge

  • Selling through emotion
  • You as a business person
  • Features & benefits
  • Rapport
  • The importance of values, beliefs & emotions
  • Towards & away from
  • Bringing value to your prospects


The workshop starts out by looking at how well we really know our own business. Do we know what our business, products and services get our clients the results that they want by coming to us? We then take a look at how every single person communicates and how their behaviours are driven by their values and beliefs. We conclude our workshop by bringing these two sections together and show you how you can effectively communicate your business to be able to take your prospects and turn them into clients easily and effortlessly.

Event Speaker

Ben Megson - Redwing NLP Ltd. Ben’s first job was in sales where his passion for human behaviour and communication was ignited on the sales floor. He wanted to know what drives people to make certain decisions. Why they buy certain brands? Why they connect with one salesman more than another? From there he discovered NLP and applied what he learnt to building businesses.

Ben has run multiple businesses including Redwing NLP, network marketing and outdoor pursuits businesses. In all of his ventures he’s found that the common denominator is knowing and being relatable to your audience. Through Redwing NLP Ben wants to bring knowledge to the ever-growing industry of entrepreneurs that are emerging so that they are better equipped to succeed.