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Walking in their Shoes

Do you work in a fostering or adoption agency? Are you a teacher or teaching assistant? Do you volunteer in youth organisations? If you have contact with young people regularly then Walking In Their Shoes is the perfect workshop for you.

Walking in Their Shoes is a 1-day workshop to gain insight into how young people with developmental trauma interact with the world around them. We take a look at how these experiences cause a young person’s model of the world to form different links and attachments to those around them, in particular, peers, carers, workers and parental figures.

The workshop sheds light on how our minds work and how to get the most out of communicating with others with developmental delay. This is an ideal course for those who work with young people who display seemingly destructive behaviour as well as those who wish to gain another perspective on what drives behaviour.

What happens on the workshop?

testimonials, workshop, redwing nlpOn the workshop we will be looking at:

  • Attachment theory
  • Developmental trauma
  • The surface and deep structure of language
  • The presuppositions of NLP
  • NLP communication Model
  • Little Words
  • Clean Language
  • Rapport
  • Bringing it all together to give a practical approach to help open up options to young people.


The workshop is split into 2 parts. The morning is focused on establishing the problems that young people encounter and how they manifest in the self. We look at the brain development from birth, how attachments are formed and the impact of different forms of abuse and trauma on the brain as it develops. The afternoon brings in NLP and other skills that we have used to create positive change in young people over our careers. We look at each technique in isolation and see how it can allow young people to be aware of other options around them and to pursue them if they wish. Throughout the day we are layering in each technique and approach to give a rounded approach to creating a space where young people can grow.

Event Speakers

Ben Megson - Redwing NLP Ltd. Ben is a certified NLP Master Coach and NLP, Hypnosis and TimeLine Therapy™ Master Practitioner with an Outdoor Leadership BA (Hons) and PGcert Counselling. Ben’s background is in the outdoor, coaching and training sectors where he has blended the three together to gain positive results for clients. He works with outdoor education centres to provide intervention programmes aimed at engaging young people and achieving clarity in their future. Ben has been able to take the skills that he has learnt and morphed the techniques to allow conversational change to take place in a safe environment.

‘Only when someone takes responsibility for their life and owns their choices can they can start to build the life they want.’

Helena Megson – Maple Tree House Ltd. Helena is a trainer in NLP and a master practitioner of Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis. Helena’s background is in health and social care, having worked in nursing, adoption placement and management for over 25 years. Helena’s passion for NLP stems from seeing the results that it delivers through her own personal development. After realising the potential that NLP has to change lives and empower people Helena trained as an NLP trainer.

‘NLP is one of the most powerful forms of personal development. It provides a range of rapid change techniques to assist an individual in realising their potential and transforming their personal and professional life.’