Creating a Work-Life Balance

Creating a Healthy Work-Life Balance.

Creating a Healthy Work-Life Balance.

Since recently sharing the Redwing NLP Mission with you, it has led me to start thinking a lot about the importance of a healthy work-life balance. Giving yourself the freedom to share your time between the things you want to do, to the things you need to do and being in charge of making that decision. This could be anything from going the distance in your career or your passion to simply making sure you take time out to do things that aren’t a part of your daily focus.

At Redwing NLP our Mission is one of our many goals we are looking to achieve, but it’s also more than that. It is the core of our values, our integrity and what we believe our combined energies can create. A goal can be many things, depending on the person, the timing and even the situation. For some of us our goals are idyllic, big picture lifestyles, which we often measure through success, money or lifestyle. For others, we measure our level of fulfilment or happiness through people, connection or experiences. It varies for each individual, so I think it is impossible to measure one person’s notion of success, fulfilment and potential against another’s. The way we measure ourselves, our fulfilment and our success in whatever way we measure it will always vary depending on the individual’s sense of life balance. We all value things differently, whether it’s people, relationships, material objects, business, career or success to name a few, each one can mean ‘value’ to different people. Let’s look a little more closely at these goals, because goals will also highlight what areas you value and are focusing your energy on.

Do you know what your work-life balance is?

I believe that a healthy work-life balance is knowing yourself and understanding what you value. Therefore, the ability to understand your own values is immeasurable in itself and that knowledge is power (you may have heard that before in our blog How to get your edge – part 2). To understand and be in control of what you value, you’ll also learn what motivates you. Your motivation assists you in reaching your purpose and achieving your goals – particularly when your goals and values are aligned and can work together.

So, we’ve got our motivation and we’ve got a basic understanding of what we value. This made me realise that some of us might not have goals yet. If we don’t have a goal, how can we really achieve our potential and utilise that knowledge of motivation and values? Are we rejecting an opportunity, avoiding the difficult path in life because of its’ risks, interruptions or problems? Goals don’t have to be long-term or lifelong achievements – they can be short, exhilarating tasks that can be achieved in just one day, one week, one month or one year.

What is the purpose of driving ourselves forward in such a way?

Goals drive us because they pull us towards or push us away from our values, such as passion or happiness. That’s right… again we’re bringing back that motivation of something being a towards or an away from something. It’s so important to remember that if you’ve set a goal, it will be much more powerful for you to be working towards success rather than away from failure. We’ve spoken in depth about motivation here.

A healthy work-life balance is flexible and might even be different from one day to the next. Your values – high level generalisations such as money, relationships, etc. highlight your motivations for each of these generalisations and your goal(s) written out in front of you. You now have a seriously great recipe for being in control of what you want to do and how you’re going to do it. This knowledge does give you power, so use it to bring happiness into your life – in whichever form that comes in for you. Create your own vision of the best work-life balance for yourself and achieve it. You have the tools and the resources to be the best version of yourself right now! Be your own change!

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