Drive towards your dreams

So many of us sell ourselves short. We think about how we can’t do things and follow our dreams instead of how we can achieve what we want.

Whether it’s in your professional or personal life; we are exceptionally good at focusing on the negatives that will bring our ambitions tumbling down. In doing this we give up on our dreams. Before we have even started and fall back into our old ways that limit our thinking and our self-worth, we start the destructive cycle all over again.

The thing is (and what most people don’t know), is that it’s all about daring to take that first step out of the door. Once you’re outside and you feel the breeze, hear yourself willing you on to do it and see the sunlight ahead, you’re away. It’s all about thinking that you could do it. Once you see your ambitions and dreams in a new light it all becomes clearer.

And that’s just it. We worry that our dreams and ambitions won’t amount to anything if we take that first step. It all becomes a bit too real, and that means that because it’s real we can fail. It’s much safer for us just to think about it from time to time and never act. Of course the problem with this is that it will never happen if we sit in our comfort zone and wish that things were a certain way. It requires us to take action and turn our thoughts into that action which will take us a step closer.

Sometimes that means we have to have a new way of thinking. To think in a new light and to feel a different way to that which we are used to. If our mind is in the right place, then our body will follow. I don’t mean our rational mind. The cold, calculating mind that tells us it’s better to play it safe for fear of rejection or failure. I’m talking about our giddy, risk taking, life only comes once and you should make the most of it mind. The one that’s telling you to take that step out the door, the one that’s telling you to start that business, the one that’s giving you that burning desire to do what feels right.

But what if those two minds were focused on the same goal? What if instead of one urging you on and one reigning you in you had the best of both minds? The calculating, methodical, liability limiting part of the mind and the passionate, relentless, motivated mind together. If you had both together, you would truly have a winning combination to pursue whatever dream you had. It’s a shame that a lot of people leave it too late to listen to both parts and find a common ground on which they can both use their resources to strive towards a united purpose. But everyone can find this common ground if they just look inside and ask each part ‘how are we working towards what we want?’

To have these parts aligned and allied together is fundamental in the pursuit of our goals. This is why. That passionate, relentless, motivated part of you is the part that’s really in charge. That’s why all the motivation is there! It’s called your unconscious mind and its pulling you towards its goals. The part of that’s calculating, methodical and liability limited is just along for the ride, it just doesn’t know it. As a result one is going in one direction and the other in a different direction. So this means that both of these parts are fighting to try and fulfil their goals independently. However, if they took the time to look at each other and realise the intention of what they were doing they would realise that they are both trying to get the same thing, just in very different ways!

If we take the time to look at our behaviour, patterns in our life and how we got to where we are today I’m sure the same things would pop up again and again. Even if they are under different guises. All we have to do is ask ourselves ‘What was the purpose of that?’ enough times and the common purpose will start to emerge slowly but surely.

Once we have that, we can build a united future between our parts and drive towards a common purpose. Suddenly our comfort zone becomes a lot bigger, we can take that first step, we can step outside the door, we’re away.

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