Grounding Yourself in the Holidays

I’ve talked a lot around the subject of grounding yourself. Especially when you need to make big decisions or process some information, new or old. The reason I talk about this so much is firstly because I believe very strongly that a lot of us don’t take the time to ground ourselves and consequently make decisions that don’t match up with where we are in our life. Then we wonder somewhere down the line why it’s not a fit or ‘why am I doing this?!’ Secondly, it works, it’s simple, and it gives you the ability to make a more connected choice for what is better for you. In my opinion if you aren’t sure how to ground yourself or what grounding is you need to look it up. Like now! It might be called different things to different people, some call it centring yourself or recalibrating. If you haven’t been following our blogs so far and want to know more about what grounding is and how you can do it for yourself check out our other blogs on the subject here.

It’s that time of year again when for some it’s a rare moment to reconnect with family. A time when maybe we’re working with our nose to the grindstone to get in those reports and finish the lingering projects in time to get away and put our feet up. Some of us only get one day during this festive period and some of us get no time to ourselves. Whatever your circumstances you or most people around you are going to be coming off work and rushing into holiday mode. Have you ever had the feeling when you get on ‘holiday’ time and you cram everything in and then before you know it you’re back at your desk feeling no more refreshed than when you left. Sometimes we’re even more tired than when we left! I know I’m definitely guilty of this feeling, I’m so focused on getting through my holiday and having a good time I don’t take the time to really be present in the moment and absorb the ambience and atmosphere around me.

The reason I felt like this blog article was a good one to write was because I am in the process of grounding myself for the holidays this year. At present, it is 23rd December and I am very aware that I need to check in with myself and make sure everything is in check before I can unwind for the next week. This got me thinking about how many of us actually check in with ourselves to make sure that there isn’t any unfinished business before we can relax. If we neglect these then we can go into our time off finding it a lot harder to relax because there is something knocking around in the back of our minds. By doing a quick check with myself, quickly grounding myself to now and taking the time to connect with my unconscious I can make sure everything is aligned. Now I know this might sound a bit airy fairy and ‘fluffy’ for some people but we all do it organically in our everyday lives. Ever had a voice in the back of your head saying something to you or a gut feeling about something? That’s your unconscious saying ‘you need to just check this out’. All we’re doing is following that feeling or voice to make sure it lines up with what we’re thinking and if it’s not, why not? Check in, identify any niggles, resolve it, unwind. That’s it.

This is why it’s so important to ground yourself in the present moment and connect with what’s important to you. Otherwise we find ourselves floating through and being present physically but not in spirit. Making sure that we take a little time to ourselves is so crucial to making sure we are in the right place to fully recharge and actually enjoy our free time that we have. You can do this process in as little as 30 seconds to hours at a time depending on what suits you. It’s about taking the principles of grounding and making the process your own. Once you understand how it works and the end results you are trying to get then you will find that there is a multitude of ways that you can get there. Allowing yourself to be present and aware mentally is a skill that is going to transform how you perceive the world and give you so much more during your down time. Now I know some people might be thinking ‘but I’ve got to collect the turkey’, ‘I’ve got to buy presents and wrap them’, ‘we’re travelling all over to see family’ and this perception of not having any free time or ‘me time’ creeps in. To these people I say this, you have chosen to do these things. This is how you have chosen to spend your time and if you wish, you have the ability to change it. These ‘necessities’ that you have to do are getting you something positive, whether it’s the look on your partner’s/ kids’/ family’s face, making it magical for you or to keep that connection with people. There is a positive meaning there so make sure you know what it is. Be present in the awareness of why you’re doing what you’re doing and if those things you’re spending your time on aren’t getting you anything positive then change them!

Make sure that you take the time this holiday (and any other time you need to!) to ground yourself so that you can get the most out of it. Do yourself a favour and check in with yourself because it’s up to you to look after you and be present in the now.

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