Living Up To Your Own Expectations & The Inner Battle

I’ve talked a lot about our inner battles and how our relationship that we have with ourselves is ultimately the most important relationship in our lifetime. We can’t escape from ourselves, we have to live with who we are, whether we are happy with that or not. When I talk to clients it always comes

How Different Types of Motivation Gets Stuff Done

An area that I have a deep passion for is motivation. Not so much for the ‘motivational’ content that’s out there on the internet but the mechanics of why people are motivated to reach certain goals and do particular behaviours. Without motivation we would not do anything, we wouldn’t eat, move, love or have a

The Number One Reason you Need to Listen to Yourself

I remember when I had to make some big decisions. As I reflect back on pivotal moments when I’m at a crossroads in my life and could clearly see the two choices in front of me. Do I go one way or another? I’ve always been someone who above all else follows my gut. I

Eliminating Stress The Redwing Way…

… 7 Steps To Go From Overwhelm To Serenity Stress, stress, stress! Stress is all around. It’s being built into our lives more and more, as the margin between the cost of living and the money in our pocket gets slimmer and slimmer. It comes with the longer hours in the office or at the

Don’t Fool Me Once

It was time to say goodbye. She had a long journey back to the mainland, back to the bus and back to the hostel… before setting off on an overnight boat crossing to another island on the west coast. She began the descent… down through the sandy dirt track, the bare trees and back down

The Lake inside a Volcano inside a Lake

She had the plan firmly rooted in her mind. She knew what to do and how to get there. It was going to be great! It was her first opportunity to really branch out on her own. No friends or family to hold her hand this time. She was going to the lake inside a

Communication Without Barriers: Part 2

In last week’s blog Communication Without Barriers: Part 1, we discussed the ups and downs of language barriers when you’re travelling. In part 2 this week, I wanted to look at how important it is to expect the unexpected in every communication you experience. Every experience we go through is different and I guess that’s

Breaking more than Barriers

I remember having this feeling before. It was an overwhelming sense of excitement, nervousness and anxiety. But now these feelings returned with the same highest intention of pursuing my goals. It was a clear reminder of all this energy, the mixed emotions and an intense desire I had to commit to something, to me. I

The Power in being Still

Our world is anything but still; it has a constant flow of energy and movement. We see this everyday, this energy that is our oxygen; it’s in our work, our friends, our family and the constantly changing, complex and demanding world we are making our way through. I don’t know about you, but I think

Footprints in the Snow

I remember it like it was yesterday, standing in a foot of snow, fog descended all around me, 600 metres above sea level on the side of Blea Rigg in the Lake District, full of despair. It was mid-November and we were on the first day our 45 mile round trek from Grasmere to Scafell