What You Say to Yourself in the Highs and Lows

In this blog I wanted to talk a bit more in depth about the relationship that we have with ourselves and how that impacts how we perceive success and failure throughout our lives. In the previous article I wrote ‘Are your relationships serving you?’ I looked at how the most important relationship we have is

What We Can’t Change Does Hurt Us

‘Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.’ – Reinhold Niebuhr I remember seeing this for the first time pinned up in my dissertation supervisor’s office. Every meeting we had it was there hanging on the wall and I

Cause & Effect

About a month ago I was listening to a podcast with a man called Bruce Lipton on it. He is a developmental biologist who has done a lot of work into the concept that your genes and DNA can be changed depending on that person’s beliefs. He was discussing ‘how thoughts shape your current reality’

A Light in the Darkness

There is something quite humbling when you’re sitting on the side of a mountain in the back end of nowhere. With the wind battering the side of your tent, in the darkness. The rain, lashing down, unrelenting. The stove at your feet with what rations you have bubbling away on top as you change into

On a Knife Edge

‘Put the knife down!’ I heard from the other end of the building. My student had gone walk about and found some new toys to play with. I hurry along the corridor to find him. As I approach the kitchen I slow down and casually walk around the corner to see him playing with a

Passing Through the Now

There I was, just standing there, completely unaware of my surroundings. I could see nothing, yet feel everything all at once. I could sense the stillness of the air, the silence of white noise, the heat of someone or something getting closer. In the darkness I began to make out the moving shadows, here and

Footprints in the Snow

I remember it like it was yesterday, standing in a foot of snow, fog descended all around me, 600 metres above sea level on the side of Blea Rigg in the Lake District, full of despair. It was mid-November and we were on the first day our 45 mile round trek from Grasmere to Scafell

The Freedom in Uncertainty

There is nothing quite like that moment seconds before you jump. It feels like an age as I wait here, the long pause before the rush. My heart is racing, it reminds me of that split second before you reach the top of a rollercoaster and feels like it will last forever. A camera straight

Anchor Yourself to the Zone

The strength of the mind is a powerful thing. It allows you to channel your focus, your goals and your confidence in achieving them. Our mind gives us the knowledge to empower ourselves, whether that is for one single skill or ability, a long-term business goal or for self-development and accomplishing our personal endeavours in

Anchor in Dynamic Action

We’ve recently had the opportunity of doing some performance coaching with a client and I’m very excited to share the experience with you. Tom approached us and asked me whether we could do anything to help his climbing ability from a mental perspective. He told me that he gets nervous when he is going to