Anchor Yourself to the Zone

The strength of the mind is a powerful thing. It allows you to channel your focus, your goals and your confidence in achieving them. Our mind gives us the knowledge to empower ourselves, whether that is for one single skill or ability, a long-term business goal or for self-development and accomplishing our personal endeavours in

Building on Climbing Foundations

“NLP has helped me begin to climb at the level I have dreamt of climbing at for years.” I caught up with Tom recently to see how his climbing had been doing since we had our climbing coaching session and he said that it has surpassed all of his expectations! Initially we focused on Tom’s

Anchor in Dynamic Action

We’ve recently had the opportunity of doing some performance coaching with a client and I’m very excited to share the experience with you. Tom approached us and asked me whether we could do anything to help his climbing ability from a mental perspective. He told me that he gets nervous when he is going to