Business Identity Vs Personal Identity

I believe that those of us who are self-employed have more of a rawness to our businesses and our identity within our business. When someone sets up a company or becomes a sole trader they are putting a part of themselves into that business. Their ethics and values on how a business should be run,

Living Up To Your Own Expectations & The Inner Battle

I’ve talked a lot about our inner battles and how our relationship that we have with ourselves is ultimately the most important relationship in our lifetime. We can’t escape from ourselves, we have to live with who we are, whether we are happy with that or not. When I talk to clients it always comes

How to Release your Fear

At some point in your life I imagine that fear has played a part – it might have shown up in your childhood, existing as the face of a scary clown or in your youth, during school exams or final flute recitals. But as you think back and realise how your very own concept of

Creating a Work-Life Balance

Since recently sharing the Redwing NLP Mission with you, it has led me to start thinking a lot about the importance of a healthy work-life balance. Giving yourself the freedom to share your time between the things you want to do, to the things you need to do and being in charge of making that